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Applications/Nominations for 2020 Awards and Scholarships will be accepted from January 1 through March 1, 2020.

MAOHN Nurse of the Year
Medique Leadership Award
MAOHN Scholarship Award
MAOHN Student Membership Scholarship

MAOHN is proud to support and/or sponsor several awards that recognize the efforts of its occupational health nurses. It is recognized that our association is filled with exceptional nurses who are to be commended for their dedication and commitment to Occupational and Environmental Health Nursing.

Click on the award to receive more information about each award and to nominate a deserving MAOHN member!


Is completing an award nomination form complicated and time consuming?
No. It can be submitted online or by mail. In either case, if a resume, documents or other supporting information is included in the nomination, the process of entering information will be considerably shorter.

What are the benefits of the MAOHN awards and why should I participate?
MAOHN members and Occupational Health Nurses in general, are often not recognized for the dedication and commitment to their profession. MAOHN Awards provide an opportunity to reward the services provided by these dedicated leaders.

Can I surprise a fellow MAOHN member by nominating them for an award that I feel they deserve?
YES - The award application process allows for individuals to submit nominations for other people. However, the person submitting the nomination will need provide adequate information about the nominee. If the intent of the submission is to surprise the nominee, this information should be noted when the application is submitted.

When will award winners be presented with their award?
MAOHN Awards will be presented during the May Business meeting.

Who is eligible to nominate a MAOHN member for an award?
Any current MAOHN, including retirees, may nominate themselves or another MAOHN member for an award.

Can prior award recipients be nominated again?
YES - But only for an award they have not previously received.

Can a MAOHN member be nominated for more than one award?
YES - There are no limitations to the number of times someone can be nominated. However, they may only be recognized once for each award.

How will I know if my nomination is accepted as an award winner?
A confirmation is sent to all individuals who submit a nomination for a MAOHN award. Once the decision has been made regarding the award winner, the submitter is notified of the decision at that time.

Who determines the award winners from the applications received?
The MAOHN President selects 3-5 individuals to participate as an Award Selection Committee. These members may include past award winners or members at large. This Committee reviews all nominations received and award requirements before making the final decision on the award winners.


2018 MAOHN Nurse Of The Year: Lucy Carlson
2018 Medique Leadership Award: Tara Shepersky
2018 MAOHN Student Membership Scholarship: Monique Kolb
2017 MAOHN Nurse Of The Year: Brenda Birkholz
2017 Medique Leadership Award: Joshua Gramling
2017 Moore Medical Excellence Award: Anne Lilleskov
2017 MAOHN Student Membership Scholarship: Julie Alcorn-Webb
2017 MAOHN Scholarship Award: Joshua Gramling
2016 MAOHN Nurse Of The Year: Ginny Carlson
2016 Medique Leadership Award: Peter Mitchell
2016 Moore Medical Excellence Award: Kari Kilbride
2016 MAOHN Student Membership Scholarship: Jennifer Hansen
2015 MAOHN Nurse of the Year: Karen Wilson (Ferrara)
2015 Medique Leadership Award: Nancy Nachreiner
2015 MAOHN Student Membership Scholarship: Kari Kilbride
2014 MAOHN Scholarship Award: Jane Brownlee
2014 Medique Leadership Award: Jeanne Sample
2014 MAOHN Student Membership Scholarship: Jessica Dorfsman
2013 MAOHN Scholarship Award: Sue Husby
2012 MAOHN Nurse of the Year: Carol Niewolny
2011 MAOHN Nurse Of The Year: Jane Brownlee
2011 MAOHN Scholarship Award: Sue Husby
2011 Edwards Medical Excellence Award: Sue Husby
2010 MAOHN Nurse Of The Year: Billie Sue Wolfe
2010 MAOHN Scholarship Award: Billie Sue Wolfe
2010 Edwards Medical Excellence Award: Linda Carlson
2010 Medique Leadership Award: Linda Carlson
2009 MAOHN Nurse Of The Year: Nancy Nachriener
2009 MAOHN Scholarship Award: Carol Dexter
2009 Edwards Medical Excellence Award: Nancy Nachreiner
2008 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Linda Carlson
2008 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Linda Carlson
2007 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Kathy Pope
2007 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Caroll Niewolny
2006 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Mary Cummins
2006 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Rise Beckman
2006 Medique Leadership Award - Carol Fritz
2005 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Anne Lilleskov
2005 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Dawn Pribyl
2005 Medique Leadership Award - Ronda Weiss
2003 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Ronda Weiss
2002 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Kate Hunt
2002 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Ronda Weiss
2002 Medique Leadership Award - Ginny Carlson
2001 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Sharon Ellis
2001 Medique Leadership Award - Lucy Walch
2000 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Kaye Krave
2000 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Sharon Babcock
2000 Medique Leadership Award - Pamela Hart
1999 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Pat McGovern
1999 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Margaret Christensen (Ferber)
1999 Medique Leadership Award - Anne Lilleskov
1998 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Fay Chawla
1998 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Dianne Roth
1998 Medique Leadership Award - Karen Ferrara (Wilson)
1997 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Marilyn Neary
1997 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Dianne Arndt
1996 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Jean Bey
1996 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Lois Klobuchar
1995 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Merrie Healy
1995 Medique Leadership Award - Lynn Ayers
1994 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Karen DeTuncq
1994 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Mary Jerde Anderson
1994 Medique Leadership Award - Marladene Mohr
1993 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Margaret Marx
1993 Medique Leadership Award - D.J. Moser
1992 MAOHN Nurse of the Year - Debra Olson
1992 MAOHN Scholarship Award - D.J. Moser
1991 MAOHN Scholarship Award - Rita Wick
1990 Schering Award Recipient - Joanne Becklund
1989 Schering Award Recipient - Jeanette Driscoll
1988 Schering Award Recipient - Marion Reimer
1987 Schering Award Recipient - Emelie J. McClellan
1986 Schering Award Recipient - Lorraine Iverson
1985 Schering Award Recipient - Charlene Moschkau
1984 Schering Award Recipient - Sharon Ellis
1983 Schering Award Recipient - Roseanne Heisler
1982 Schering Award Recipient - Audrienne Miller
1981 Schering Award Recipient - Margaret Herbrandson
1980 Schering Award Recipient - Mary Jo Sundberg
1979 Schering Award Recipient - Cecelia Raleigh
1978 Schering Award Recipient - Virginia Carlson
1974 Schering Award Recipient - Lillian Nattestad
1973 Schering Award Recipient - Thelma Johnson
1973 Schering Award Recipient - Pearl Biddle

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