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Expanded Nursing License Compact (eNLC) - posted 4/7/18

HF3848 and SF3305 are bills in the Minnesota Legislature that would enact and fund the eNLC. MAOHN has been a perennial supporter of the compact, which would permit Minnesota nurses to practice in the 29 other states in the compact under their Minnesota license and reciprocally for nurses in those other states.

The bills were introduced in the Legislature March 14, 2018 and were heard in committees.

Benefits (submitted to the Mn Board of Nursing, 2017 Survey) of Minnesota Joining the NLC

  • Streamlines mobility and reduce barriers to cross-border practice
  • Increases access to standardized patient care and safety
  • Promotes a cost-effective licensure process
  • Facilitates the care of patients who seek treatment in MN but reside across the border

More information about eNLC in Mn:

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Minnesota Executive Branch
Minnesota Governor - Mark Dayton (DFL)

Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry
Services include workers' compensation, labor standards, apprenticeships. Code administration, inspection services and licensing of boilers, high-pressure-piping and boats-for-hire. Investigating complaints and incidents.

Minnesota Department of Health
The Minnesota Department of Health is the state's lead public health agency, responsible for protecting, maintaining and improving the health of all Minnesotans.

Minnesota Board of Nursing
The board is a regulatory agency whose services include licensing, discipline and program approval, education relevant to the needs of the public and to the education and practice of nurses and disseminating information to nurses and the public.

Minnesota State Council on Disability
The Minnesota State Council on Disability (MSCOD) is an agency that collaborates, advocates, advises and provides information to expand opportunities, increase the quality of life and empower all persons with disabilities.

Minnesota Health Professionals Services Program
The State of Minnesota Health Professional Services Program (HPSP) is a professionally staffed, confidential program designed to monitor the treatment and continuing care of eligible, regulated health professionals.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
Responsible for administering environmental permitting, compliance/enforcement, remediation and outreach programs to help Minnesota protect its environment.

Minnesota Public Safety Department
Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, Liquor Control, Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement, Crime Victim Services, Driver and Vehicle Services, Emergency Management, Emergency Communication Networks, State Fire Marshal, Pipeline Safety, State Highway Patrol, Statewide Radio Board, Capitol Security and Traffic Safety.

Minnesota Safety Council
The Minnesota Safety Council is a semi-state agency, providing safety and health training services to state agencies and the citizens of Minnesota through a variety of programs. Its mission is to make Minnesota a safer place to live.

Minnesota Judicial Branch, State Courts,

Minnesota State Legislature
The Minnesota legislative session commenced January 3. The Minnesota Legislature changed dramatically with the 2016 election. The Senate switched to slim 34-33 Republican majority control. This gives Republicans legislative control or the first time in five years.
Legislation and Bill Tracking,

Federal Executive
Donald J. Trump (R) was elected the 45th President by the Electoral College, December 19. The President nominates judges, appoints officials to execute law and operate agencies of the US Government, and they command military forces.

Federal Representation
Unites States Senate
Amy Klobuchar (DFL)
Tina Smith (DFL)
Unites States House of Representatives
1Timothy J Walz (DFL)
2Jason Lewis (R)
3Erik Paulsen (R)
4Betty McCollum (DFL)
5Keith Ellison (DFL)
6Tom Emmer (R)
7Colin C. Peterson (DFL)
8Rick Nolan (DFL)

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