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Occupational Health Nurse
SUEZ - Water Technologies & Solutions

Location: Minnetonka, MN

Status: Full Time

Job Responsibilities

  • Acts as a professional health resource for the organization's management in planning and maintaining initiatives and programs that meet defined goals and objectives.
  • Provides initial assessment of occupational injuries, illnesses and exposures and may treat or refer for further evaluation as necessary in accordance with clinical guidelines and protocols.
  • Assesses non-occupational sudden illnesses occurring at work, determines the immediacy of treatment, and gives guidance to seek care from emergency/personal health care providers.
  • Coordinates nursing process to generate consistent documentation of treatment, interactive process and administrative aspects.
  • Aggressively manages work related cases by collaborating with treatment, rehabilitation providers, and third-party representatives to coordinate/provide for the appropriate care, treatment and follow-up based on knowledge of the specific work environment for optimal outcomes.
  • Identifies team member goals, objectives, and actions in a comprehensive case management plan and implements interventions to achieve desired outcomes within designated time frames.
  • Manages the Worker's Compensation program for the site
  • Provides Disability Case Management for the site
  • Assists supervisors and employees with return to work issues including work restrictions, modified scheduling and job accommodations.
  • Develops self-first aid plans for work-related situations providing guidance and resources as appropriate.
  • Coordinates with outside provider on ergonomic needs including stretching and other prevention and first aid assistance as needed.
  • Provides health-related counseling for supervisors and employees within the scope of nursing knowledge and practice.
  • Conducts workplace walkthroughs/assessments and exposure follow-up.
  • Maintains and safeguards privacy and confidentiality of business and protected health information.
  • Participates in the development and maintenance of health-related policies, procedures and work instructions.
  • Assumes responsibility for professional development and continuing education to ensure competency and performance consistent with professional Occupational Health Nursing standards.
  • Willingly shares expertise and experience with others; is considered a subject matter expert.
  • Participates in or leads health related teams and events as assigned.
  • Provides ideas, expertise and guidance on how to improve the health environment of team members through health promotion strategies that optimize health and prevent injuries and illnesses.
  • Exercises judgment within defined procedures and practices to determine appropriate action.
  • Encourages, supports and actively contributes to the team.


  • Registered Professional Nurse with current State license to practice.
  • Bachelor's degree plus minimum 5 + years' experience in Occupational Health
  • Certified Occupational Health nursing accreditation preferred.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication and computer skills.
  • Solid knowledge of the discipline of Occupational Health
  • Detailed knowledge of OSHA and other federal regulations that govern the workplace.
  • Detailed knowledge of Worker's Compensation regulations.
  • Working knowledge and application of business concepts, procedures and practices.
  • Self-starter who works independently, planning, organizing and prioritizing daily work routines to meet established schedules and deadlines.
  • Experience leading teams and coordinating health related events.
  • First Aid/CPR/BBP training certification a plus

To apply, send your resume to, or go to and fill out the online application.

Date to Remove: 2021-06-08


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