President's Message

President's Message

Hello MAOHN members and friends of MAOHN,

Thank you for your support and for entrusting me to lead MAOHN as President 2019-2021. I realize there are big shoes to fill after Anne's superb leadership of the organization this past year. Thank you, Anne for sharing your passion for the MAOHN organization and the guidance you demonstrated during your MAOHN Presidency. And thank you to the MAOHN Board members and volunteers who completed their term(s) of service May 2019.

The new MAOHN Board information is posted on the website and is attached to this message. Please take a few moments to congratulate and thank the Officers and Directors for their volunteer efforts and commitment to serving on the MAOHN Board. A new organization Treasurer will be identified at the upcoming MAOHN Board Retreat, and the MAOHN website will be updated in July to include the new Treasurer information.

As we begin our MAOHN journey together over the next two years, there will be many opportunities to be involved with your organization in short-term or long-term timeframes. Please keep an open mind and engage with fellow members as often as you can to get the most out of MAOHN.

This year MAOHN will join AAOHN in focusing on transforming the future of occupational health nursing. Our first step in the transformation will be reviewing the current MAOHN and new AAOHN Bylaws and updating the MAOHN Bylaws to meet the needs of MAOHN, MAOHN members and future MAOHN members. You will be aware of proposed revisions and will have opportunity to approve or decline the revised Bylaws during a membership vote.

Please contact if you have questions, concerns or suggestions regarding MAOHN. Your Board, MAOHN committees and all MAOHN members are valuable resources to lead MAOHN in the transformation of occupational health nursing.

Kind Regards,

Ginny Carlson
MAOHN President 2019-2021
AAOHN Regional Director 2018-2020

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