President's Message

President's Message

Hello MAOHN members and friends of MAOHN,

This April MAOHN message is sent with the following updates following the March MAOHN President message:

  • The MAOHN Professional Development Conference (PDC) at the University of MN campus is being postponed to later this year. The new date is being confirmed with a new hold the date message forthcoming
  • Options for the annual business meeting generally held in conjunction with the PDC are being evaluated, with more to come soon
  • MAOHN is seeking qualified candidates to fill the following MAOHN positions:
    • Treasurer
    • Board Director and Liaison for the Professional Development
    • Nominating Committee - 1 vacancy
  • Please nominate yourself and encourage your peers to run for the MAOHN Board positions. We need you and your involvement to keep the organization moving forward
  • MAOHN members will soon be voting on Board positions as well as significant changes to the MAOHN Bylaws (please see communication you received February 28th). Last year's changes in the AAOHN Bylaws require many changes in the MAOHN Bylaws, as well as necessary updates to keep the organization in step with today's member needs
  • The MAOHN Board needs to hear your questions about the proposed Bylaw changes. Contact us at

Thank you to all MAOHN members and friends for your support and enthusiasm for MAOHN.

Kind Regards,
Ginny Carlson
MAOHN President 2019-2021

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