President's Message

President's Message

President's Message
May, 2018

Hello MAOHN members & friends,

I welcome this final opportunity to greet you. Whether a member or not, I hope you have been able to attend one of our events this year. Or perhaps you are attending the Professional Development Conference on May 22nd.

If you are not able to attend the conference next week, we will miss you! Even in our high tech virtual work of communication we can benefit from the opportunity to meet face to face. I would like to loop back to some of the key happenings this year:

  • The Professional Development committee provided a November lunch forum focused on creative workplace accommodations, a tour of the Pine Bend Refinery in January, a March meeting addressing Pills & Weed: Managing Injury Risks, and of course the upcoming 3rd annual one-day conference.
  • The Enhanced Nursing Licensure Compact (eNLC) enacted in more than 29 states this year was introduced in Minnesota but did not make it out of House and Senate committee. Check the following websites for timely updates NLC: ; MAOHN Governmental Affairs:
  • AAOHN chapter challenges have potential implications for MAOHN members. Discussions are exploratory and no clear structure or model is proposed at this time. MAOHN Officer and AAOHN Director Virginia Carlson agreed to spearhead dialogue this year and will continue to reach out and elicit your input.

I am very proud of MAOHN as an organization and the Officers, Directors and Committee Members who make it viable!

Wishing you the best summer has to offer!

Please feel free to email the board via

Karen Wilson

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